Malchijah Jackson Grant BREWER

Father: Peyton Grady BREWER
Mother: Keziah A. TAPLEY

Family 1: Lida PYRON
  1. infant son BREWER
  2. Avis BREWER
  3. Carl A. BREWER
  4. Harvey Edwin BREWER
  5. Lonnie R. BREWER
  6. Maudine Essie BREWER
  7. Corrie Lee BREWER

                        _Thomas BREWER _
 _Peyton Grady BREWER _|
|                      |_Sarah HICKMAN _
|--Malchijah Jackson Grant BREWER 
|                       _James TAPLEY __
|_Keziah A. TAPLEY ____|
                       |_Nancy DEMENT __



1900 TX Van Zandt Co. ED 133 sheet 7 family 104
M. J. Brewer     Nov 1865 34 m 5     AL AL AL
Lida      wife Nov 1866 33 m 5 3 2 MS
Avis      dau  Oct 1896  3         TX
Carl A.   son  Aug 1898  1         TX
1910 TX Palo Pinto Co. Prec 5 ED 189 sheet 12A fam 225
	Malchijah J. Brewer head 44 m 16     AL AL AL
	  Lida              wife 43 m 16 7 4 MS AL AL
	  Harvey            son   9          TX AL MS
	  Lonie             son   7          TX AL MS
	  Maudene           dau   5          TX AL MS
	  Currie Lee        dau   3          TX AL MS
1920 TX Palo Pinto Co. ED 187 sheet 1B fam 15
	Mal J. Brewer   head   54 m AL TN AL
	  Lida          wife   53 m MS AL AL
	  Harvey E.     son    19   TX AL MS
	  Loney R.      son    17   TX AL MS
	  Maudine       dau    15   TX AL MS
	  Coralee       dau    13   TX AL MS
	  Spray Gardner lodger 20   TX MS ARK
1930 TX Palo Pinto ED 182-3 sheet 4B fam 73
Malchijah G Brewer head 64 AL AL AL
Lonie R.         son  27 TX AL MS
Coreil Lee       dau  23 TX AL MS
Find A Grave:

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Malcijah V. BREWER

Father: Thomas BREWER
Mother: Sarah HICKMAN

Family 1: Mary Ann LAMPKIN
  1. William Jasper BREWER
  2. Thomas Lockard BREWER
  3. Sarah Frances BREWER
  4. Savanna Brazzora BREWER
  5. Melisse A BREWER
  6. Peyton Orlando BREWER
  7. Hattie A. BREWER

                  _William BREWER ____________
 _Thomas BREWER _|
|                |_Dorcas Tabitha CHURCHWELL _
|--Malcijah V. BREWER 
|                 _John HICKMAN ______________
|_Sarah HICKMAN _|
                 |_Mary "Polly" ? ____________



First Tax Collector of Jones County, AL. Also J.P.
Made deed to Mt Pleasant Church in Feb 1870.
1850 AL Fayette Co. Division 16 Beat 4 family 279
	Malcijah Brewer age 24 b. AL
	 Mary A.         "  21 b. AL
	 William         " 5/12 b. AL
1860 AL Fayette Co. Western Division P. O. Millport family 580
	M. B. Brewer    age 34  AL realestateowned 1000
	  Mary           "  29  AL
	  William        "  10  AL
	  Thomas         "   5  AL
	  Sarah          "   3  AL

1870 AL Sanford Co. Precinct 9 P. O. Big Pond family 16 M. V. Brewer age 44 b. AL Mary A. " 40 b. AL Wm J. " 20 b. AL Thomas L. " 16 b. AL Sarah F. " 11 b. AL Savanna B. " 9 b. AL Melisse A. " 6 b. AL Peyton O. " 3 b. AL Hattie A. " 2 b. AL

1880 AL Lamar Co. Township 16 Range 16 ED 136 page 5 family 44 Malcija age 53 b. AL Mary A. " 50 b. AL Payton O. " 12 b. AL Hattie A. " 8 b. AL 1900 AL Lamar Beat 11 Betts ED 50 sheet 6 fam 107 Malachi Brewer Head Sept 1826 73 m 51 AL KY TN OFF Mary P. wife Jan 1830 70 m 51 9 7 AL OH KY

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Malinda BREWER

Father: Thomas BREWER
Mother: Sarah HICKMAN

                  _William BREWER ____________
 _Thomas BREWER _|
|                |_Dorcas Tabitha CHURCHWELL _
|--Malinda BREWER 
|                 _John HICKMAN ______________
|_Sarah HICKMAN _|
                 |_Mary "Polly" ? ____________


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Fri Sep 27 17:09:53 2019 I10421: Margaret BREWER (1921 - )

Margaret BREWER

Father: Enloe Malciga BREWER
Mother: Sarah Mae HOPPER

                         _Peyton Orlando BREWER _
 _Enloe Malciga BREWER _|
|                       |_Amanda Savannah BOYD __
|--Margaret BREWER 
|                        _John Henry HOPPER _____
|_Sarah Mae HOPPER _____|
                        |_Roxanna Alberta BOYD __


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Margie Nancy BREWER

Father: Horace Monroe BREWER
Mother: Cora Etta BARKSDALE

Family 1: William Lavert BLASSENGAME
  1. William Lavert BLASSENGAME

                         _Franklin BREWER ______
 _Horace Monroe BREWER _|
|                       |_Nancy J. LOFTIS ______
|--Margie Nancy BREWER 
|                        _James Ira BARKSDALE __
|_Cora Etta BARKSDALE __|
                        |_Sarah Cordelia NALLS _


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Fri Sep 27 17:09:53 2019 I349: Martha A. BREWER (1825 - yes)

Martha A. BREWER

Father: Ransom BREWER
Mother: Phebe SULLIVAN

                   _William BREWER ____________
 _Ransom BREWER __|
|                 |_Dorcas Tabitha CHURCHWELL _
|--Martha A. BREWER 
|                  _U. SULLIVAN _______________
|_Phebe SULLIVAN _|
                  |_Eve ? _____________________


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Martha Elizabeth BREWER

Father: John Wesley BREWER
Mother: Malinda POWER

Family 1: John Edward SMITH
  1. Elias J. SMITH
  2. Elizabeth Jane SMITH
  3. James Lundy SMITH
  4. Lallie B. SMITH
Family 2: James BRAND
  1. Morgan BRAND
  2. Andrew Jackson BRAND
  3. Charles BRAND
  4. Rufus Francis BRAND
  5. Molly BRAND

                       _William BREWER ____________
 _John Wesley BREWER _|
|                     |_Dorcas Tabitha CHURCHWELL _
|--Martha Elizabeth BREWER 
|                      _Thomas POWER ______________
|_Malinda POWER ______|
                      |_Martha ? __________________


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Fri Sep 27 17:09:53 2019 I11312: Martin V. BREWER (3 Apr 1841 - )

Martin V. BREWER

Father: John H BREWER
Mother: Sarah ?

                  _Brewer __
 _John H BREWER _|
|                |_unknown _
|--Martin V. BREWER 
|                 __________
|_Sarah ? _______|



1850 AL Fayette Co. Beat 5 16 Division page 22B fam 302 John H. Brewer 71 m NC Sarah 59 f SC John 29 m TN James G. 17 m AL John G Brewer 10 m AL Martin V. 9 m AL James L. Holinger 7 m MS Henry J 5 m MS

1820 Grayson Co. VA Page 54 Richard Brewer 3 - - 1 - - - - 1 - - - 1 page 55 Lewes Brewer 1 1 1 4 - 1 - 1 - - 1 - - Lewes Brewer - - - 1 - - - - 1 - - - 1 Saml Brewer 1 - - 1 - - 1 - 1 - - - 1

From June Welsch: Tex Carter P. O. Box 26 Goode Virginia, 24556 sent me a lot of info on this family. Thank You Tex.

Calvin Medcalf said the family bible said he was born 7 August. 1801. Research Source June Welsch e-mail

In a letter wrote to Stephen Brewer in 1926 from Mary McGee she spoke of Martin and said he was Living in Eastland Texas, then and was 84 and his father was James Brewer and they moved to Texas, when he was a small boy.

1870 Precinct 4, Tarrant County Texas, Census taken 26 July 1870; Mark Brewer 29 born VA, farmer personal estate 250; Eliza 23 born VA, keeping house; Floyd 6 months, born TX; Living real close to his sister Elizabeth Reeves.

1880 District 8, Eastland County, Texas, Page 321C; Martin V. BREWER, 39 born VA, Blacksmith, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Eliza BREWER, Wife, 34 born VA, Fa: VA, Mo: VA; Floyd BREWER, Son, 10 born TX; Minnie L. BREWER, Dau, 8 born TX; Nora B. BREWER, Dau, 6 born TX; James BREWER, Son, 4 born TX; Gui V. BREWER, Son, 1 born TX;

1920 he was living with his son Floyd Brewer 1920 Eastland, Eastland County, Texas census taken Jan. 27, 1920 Floyd Brewer 49 born TX; Emma wife 47 born Kansas; Bemous son 26 born TX; Carrie daughter 18 born TX; Jewel daughter 16 born TX; Sadie daughter 12 born TX; Thelma daughter 6 born TX; M. V. Brewer father 79 born TX;

Bette Brewer Pitcock said that James Brewer moved to North Alabama when Mart Was 6 years old and when he was 8 they moved to Georgia.

Mart joined the 23rd Georgia Infantry in 1861 and fought in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland and Florida. He served this company until it's surrender at Greensboro, North Carolina in 1865.

Martin came to Texas September 26, 1866 and settled northeast of Fort Worth. There first son Floyd was born in Tarrant County, Texas. The family moved to Bluffdale in Erath County, Texas for a brief time and there second child Minnie was born in 1872, The family moved to Eastland County, Texas in 1874. Mart and Eliza built their home on the second bank or the Colony Creek across from the settlement of Merriman. He established a blacksmith shop on the bank of the creek. He often told of the settlers from Stephens County, who took their flour to Comanche to be milled. On the way to Comanche, they left their plows at his blacksmith shop to be sharpened. They picked them up on their way back home. Martin and Eliza were charter members of the first Methodist Church to be organized in Eastland County, Texas. It was organized in 1875. Martin and his son Floyd donated the land for the Merriman Cemetery

Ref; Texas Death Records.

For more info. E-mail

Find A Grave: James T. Brewer Birth: Aug. 27, 1801 Grayson County Virginia, USA Death: Dec. 11, 1888 May Brown County Texas, USA

By checking the early census James has 2 males born 1825/1830 and 1 male born 1820/1825 missing.

He was in the 1830 Grayson County, Virginia, Census 3 males under 5 1 male 5 to 9 1 male 20 to 29 1 female 20 to 29 1slave

In 1840 Grayson County, Virginia, Census 1 male under 5 2 males 5 to 9 2 males 10 to 14 1 male 30 to 39 2 females under 5 1 female 5 to 9 1 female 30 to 39

1860 Floyd Springs District, Floyd County Georgia, Census taken 20 June 1860 James Brewer 48 farmer Mary 45 Caroline 21 or 24 Martin 29 laborer Olive 17 Martha 14 Fielder 13 born GA; Lucinda 10 born GA; Elizabeth Shackleford 9 born in Alabama

In 1870 Rome, Floyd County Georgia, Census taken 9 Sept. 1870 James Brewer 68 farmer born VA; Mary 65 born VA; Faldin S. 21works on farm born GA; Elizabeth 19, (wife of Fielding S.) born GA; John H. 9 months (son of Fielding S.) born GA; Elizabeth Shackleford 19 helps at home born AL; Mary 12 born in Alabama, (g/child of James) John H. 7 born in Alabama, (g/child of James)

He was married by Minister John Jones Jr. m/reg said his father was Lewis.

Some time in the 1840's James took his family and moved to Georgia, where they lived for a few years. They and others started migrating west. They finally arrived in Birdville Texas. One of his sons, Martin Van Buren Brewer was to meet Elizabeth Thomas. On meeting they realized that they had known each other families from Grayson County They were married 15 August 1869.

All of the children of James Brewer was to settle in Texas, and Oklahoma.

The following story was told to me (June Welsch) by Marie Alexander. A cute story was passed on to me, thinking it was a cute story and had a lesson, I'll pass it on to you. At the James Brewer home, one day a man stopped by for awhile James asked him to stay for lunch, all they had was beans and corn bread to offer him. The man said "he was a Seventh-Day-Adventist, and couldn't eat pork." James said "All we got is beans, but you're welcome to stay." During the lunch and after two bowls of beans, and what a sin it was to eat pork. James looked at him and said "You sure are liking them beans, aren't you?" "Well like I say, you might as well eat the devil, as drink his broth." James is also shown as owning several tracts of land in Grayson County Virginia, tax records. Examples from page 13 of the 1840 tax records 120 Fox Creek 110 Big Fox Creek. These tracts were also listed in 1842 but not found after 1844.

I (June Welsch) have a copy of his marriage it said Dudley Hail was her father (deceased) and Francis Hail was surety.

He had the following children 1.Ezra "Azariah" Brewer 2.Preston Brewer 3.John N. Brewer 4.L. F. Brewer 5.Franklin Brewer 6.Elizabeth Caroline Brewer 7.Rosamond "Rowsie" Brewer 8.Martin Van Buren Brewer 9.Olive Brewer 10.Martha Brewer 11.Fielding Snow Brewer 12.Lucinda Brewer

Family links: Parents: Lewis Brewer (1760 - 1839) Agatha Holland Brewer (1768 - 1862)

Spouse: Mary Polly Hale Brewer (1804 - 1878)*

Siblings: Elizabeth Brewer Cox (1789 - ____)* Juda Brewer Heavington (1790 - ____)* Nancy Brewer Howell (1792 - 1886)* Richard Brewer (1793 - ____)* Aaron Brewer (1794 - 1876)* Lewis Brewer (1795 - ____)* Samuel Brewer (1796 - 1880)* William Brewer (1797 - 1877)* John Brewer (1798 - 1881)* James T. Brewer (1801 - 1888) Linnear L. Brewer (1803 - 1851)* Abel Brewer (1804 - ____)* Mastin Brewer (1806 - 1903)* Sallie Brewer (1808 - ____)* Rufus Brewer (1810 - 1865)*

*Calculated relationship

Burial: May Cemetery May Brown County Texas, USA

Created by: June Welsch Record added: Oct 19, 2009 Find A Grave Memorial# 43313491

Lewis Brewer Birth: 1760 Devon, England Death: Mar. 7, 1839 Elk Creek Grayson County Virginia, USA

Will of Lewis Brewer Grayson County Virginia, book 2, pages 3 & 4. I Lewis Brewer of the County of Grayson and the state of Virginia, do make this my last will and testament. First I give unto my sons Mastin and Rufus Brewer, the track of land I now live on, to be divided between them as I have shown them and my beloved wife Agatha to be supported by Mastin and Rufus living her natural life, to have a home peaceably on the track of land I now live. House etc. at her will & the track of land I bought of John Dickerson Virginia, 100 acres or more I give to Rufus & Mastin Brewer. I give unto my children namely, Sally Parks, William Brewer, Linneer Brewer, my track of land lying on the head waters of Peach Bottom and Grayson County to be equally divided or the proceeds of the same, as they choose. I give unto my wife my young man (I do not know who he meant as I never found a slave listed with him in any census) to belong to her. The balance of my perishable property and my outstanding debts to be collected and my just debts and funeral expenses paid and the remainder to belong to Rufus and Mastin Brewer with the exception of my clock I give to Samuel Brewer, and my large family bible to my daughter Sally Parks and the balance of my books to be divided amongst my children as they wish. I appoint my son Mastin my executor of this my last will and testament given unto my my hand this February the 21, 1839. Attest Steven Hale Jr. Timothy Roark, W. Hail sign with a seal.

Lewis Brewer was born about 1760 in Devonshire England. Lewis and his mother came to America when Lewis was about 14 years old. Along with them were other Brewer families. The ship they sailed on was ship wrecked somewhere near Cape Hattererus North Carolina. Lewis and his mother Mary Elizabeth was sponsored by Samuel Russell of Burke County, North Carolina. After living on Samuel Russell's plantation for awhile Mary Elizabeth married Samuel Russell. Lewis being young and living on the farm, was sometimes referred to as Lewis Russell. In that time of history, emigrants that had endured many hardships to come to America, were about to loose their freedoms, that they had so sacrificed for. Lewis then decided he would join the war to try and keep the freedoms that was being taken from them. At the age of 18 giving his legal name joined the Revolutionary War. On July 20, 1778, Lewis Brewer enlisted in the 10th Regiment as a Private in the North Carolina, Continental Line. He was assigned to the "Ballards Company" he served 9 months (taken from Roster of Soldiers from North Carolina, in the American Revolution).

After the war Lewis migrated into Virginia. In the tax list you will find Lewis and Agatha in 1790 in Wythe County, Virginia. In 1792 Grayson County Virginia, was formed from Wythe County Virginia, Lewis and Agatha decided to become freeholders of land in the new County. They went into the area that they later called Elk Creek and Peach Bottom, and staked out 583 acres land. Lewis obtained the land by drawing a hand drawn map of the land he wanted to own, and sent the homemade map to the Governor of Virginia, for the seal of the State. He paid taxes on the land, making the title approved. The survey was made on the 23 February. 1795. Lewis Brewer was known as a Pioneer Free-holder of land in Grayson County Virginia. Lewis and Agatha remained in Elk Creek Grayson County, Virginia, until there deaths. Lewis was one of the first 8 families to live in the new County and had a share in erecting the Providence Church; he was a very educated man, he also taught school on occasion.

The tax record for 1799 Lewis Brewer owned 133 acres on waters of Elk Creek West 13 miles from court house house value per acre 33 total 4443, tax 22, 100 acres on waters of Elk Creek, west 16 miles from court house, value per acre 25, total 2500.

December 26, 1803 Lewis purchased land from Robert Nuckoll, 75 acres on Bull Run part of the Plantation where George Holland formerly lived. Deed book 2, page 32.

1806-1810 served on the Grand Jury of Grayson Co., VA. A record dated May 13, 1811 lists Lewis Brewer in Grayson County, Virginia Superior Court Order Book 1809-1821 (Research Source: Timothy J. Barron):

"At a Superior Court begun and held for the county of Grayson on Monday the 13th day of May 1811. Present Peter Johnson recently elected a Judge of the General Court by the General Assembly, commissioned as such by the executive and alloted to the thirteenth circuit by order of the privy council or Council of State bearing date the eigth day of Februay last. The following persons were returned as Grand Jurors to wit: Minitree Jones, George Currin, John A. Grigg, Joshua Hanks, Benjamin Cooley, William Hail, Joshua Stoneman, John K. Cunningham, Francis Hail, Lewis Brewer, Abraham Noblett, Henry Snider, Lewis Hail, Stephen Bourn and Enoch Cox, who being sworn received a charge from the Court and retired to consider their presentments and after some time returned into court, and adjourned untill tomorrow morning ten o'clock."

A record dated October 14, 1816 lists Lewis Brewer in Grayson County, Virginia Superior Court Order Book 1809-1821 (Research Source: Timothy J. Barron):

"At a Superiour Court begn and held for the County of Grayson on Monday the 14th day of October 1816. Present Peter Johnston, esqr, Judge. The following persons were returned as Grand Jurors towit: Joshua Stoneman, Jabez Johnston, Levi Burcham, William Cloud, William H. Boyer, Francis Hail, Jacob Boyer, Coonrod Hackler, Barney Wells, George Ring, Samuel Fulton, Jacob Kirk, John Boyer, Charles Rowark, Samuel Byrd, Matthew Dickey, James Bedwell, Joseph Elliott, Jacob Wright, Stephen Hail, Isaac Garrison, Bennett Rector, and Charles Lewis who being sworn received a charge from the court and retired to consider their presentments and after some time returned into court and presented an indictment against Lewis Brewer for an assault and an indictment against John Hawks for compounding a felony, endorsed true bills and having nothing further to present were discharged."

Lewis Brewer was on the 1815 tax assessment list for Grayson County, Virginia, as follows; one farm on Elk Creek joining the lands of Lewis Hail 333 acres having theron one dwelling house of logs 30 by 18 feet, two stories one kitchen and barn valued at $700.

He was in the 1817 tax list, Grayson Co., VA.

He was in the 1820 Grayson County, Virginia, Census 1 male under 10 1 male 10 to 16 1 male 16 to 18 4 males 16 to 26 1 male 45 and over 1 female 10 to 16 1 female 45 and over

In 1830 Grayson County, Virginia, Census 3 males 20 to 29 1 male 60 to 69 1 female 15 to 19 1 female 20 to 29 1 female 60 to 69

By 1850 James, Aaron, Richard, and Rufus left Grayson County, leaving Samuel with a farm valued at $1000, William with a farm valued at $88O, Mastin with a farm valued at $1000, John with a farm valued at $1000, and Lineer with a farm valued at $658.

Lewis and Agatha are buried in the Rhudy Brewer Cemetery, behind the house where they all lived.

Lewis and Agatha was in Wythe County, Virginia 1790 tax list, Wythe County, was formed from Montgomery County, Virginia, in 1792 Grayson County, Virginia was formed out of Wythe and Patrick County's, Virginia.

The 1800 Grayson County, Virginia tax list Lewis Brewer one male over 21 and three horses.

Database; Abstract Of Graves Of Revolutionary Patriots Vol. 1, Lewis Brewer Burial Rudy Cemetery, Location Hwy 660, Independence, Grayson County, Virginia 77.

Database; Revolutionary War Muster Rolls, 1775-83 Lewis Brewer Private Roll Box 79 Roll Rec 246.

Members of Local D. A. R. Chapters Sedicate Marker In Grayson County In Memory of Revolutionary Soldier (From June 1, 1956 Issue of Southwest Virgiaia Enterprise, Wyrheville, VA) An impressive service was held Saturday afternoon, May 26, at 2 p.m. at the grave of Lewis Brewer, Revolutionary Soldier, in the Brewer-Rhudy cemetery in Grayson County. The Stuart and Wilderness Road Chapters, Daughters of the American Revolution, of Wytheville, dedicated the marker and had it unveiled before a large group of chapter members and descendants of Brewer. Since 1929, Mrs. Lyle W. Blakely of Independence, Missouri, had hoped and worked for the ceremony which honored her great-great grandfather, Lewis Brewer, pioneer settler of Grayson County. Mrs. Blakely succeded in gaining the interest and aid of the Wytheville chapters and she was present Saturday to participate in the ceremony. Mrs. Blakely is a past regent of the Independent Pioneers Chapter, D. A. R. of Missouri. Little Miss Jennings Unveils Gray Marker Mrs. Bernard Ward, chaplain of Stuart Chapter, introduced guest and descendants, Mary Ann Jennings, daughter of Pat Jennings, Congressman from the Ninth District, and a great, great, great granddaughter of Brewer, unveiled the gray marker inscribed, "Private Lewis Brewer, N. C. Militia, B. 1760--D. 1839" Mrs. Richard Kincer, vice regent of Wilderness Road Chapter, led the introduction of the service, and Miss Charlie Cassell, Chaplain of Wilderness Road Chapter, gave the prayer. Personal History Personal history of the Revolutionary soldier was presented by Mrs. Walter D. Bohlken, Director of the Southwest District D. A. R. Mrs. Bohlken stated that Lewis Brewer was born in 1760 in England and that he was brought to this country at an early age. He enlisted July 20, 1778 and served nine months, according to the state Records of North Carolina in the 15th Regiment as a private. His wife Agatha Holland Brewer, was born in Virginia in 1769, and died in 1864 at the age of 93 years, (according to the 1860 census), at the old family homestead near Elk Creek, Grayson County. Lewis and Agatha Holland Brewer were married in 1787 and to this union fifteen children were born. After Lewis Brewer's death, his wife Agatha, made her home with her son, Mastin Brewer, on the family place; the land of 200 acres for which Lewis Brewer had laid out the pattern and for which he paid the tax ticket years before. The cemetery where Lewis Brewer is buried is on a high knoll surrounded by a high rolling fields and mountains. The cemetery is now owned by Blake Rhudy, chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Grayson County. Some of the land surrounding the cemetery is now owned by Dr. J. C. Moxley. The red brick house built in front of the original Brewer log house, is also owned by Dr. Moxley. The log house of Lewis Brewer was torn down about four years ago. Dedication Ceremony Dedication of the marker and grave was made by Mrs. Stuart B. Campbell, Jr. Regent of Stuart Chapter of Wytheville. The closing prayer was given by Mrs. B. C. Ward of Stuart Chapter. A wreath of red and white carnations was placed on the grave beside the American Flag by Sandra Umberger, president of the Fort Chiswell Society Children of the American Revolution of Wytheville. Rev. G. C. Rhudy, of Elk Creek, pastor of the Jerusalem Church of that vicinity also gave a prayer at the conclusion of the service. The oldest direct descendant of Lewis Brewer, Miss Nettie May Brewer of Route 1, Independence, VA, Grayson County, also attended the service. Miss Brewer is a daughter of Stephen Brewer who was a son of Mastin Brewer, the 13th child of Lewis and Agatha Brewer. Miss Brewer exhibited the Brewer coat-of-arms at the service. The history sketched on the back read, "This family was originally of Devonshire, England and the first arms - a shield of red crossed by two wavy bands, the upper of silver and the loser of gold. In the crest, they used a mermaid with comb and mirror of gold, was used in natural coloring - the line which moved into Kent added a canton of Viar to the shield. The arms family became fixed by the Norfolk Branch which changed the canton to a Chief of Viar, this followed by its branch in Somersetshire and London, (recorded in Heralds College, London), which line added a mallet, (a star of five points), to the shield and one to the crest to denote it a Junior or Cadet line of the family." This coat-of-arms copy was painted many years ago by the late Alice Delp Scott, wife of the late Dr. W. W. Scott of Wythe and Grayson counties. Miss Nettie Brewer resides in her family home located on 74 and one half acres of land, a part of Lewis Brewer's original 200 acres, which was given to her father by his father Mastin Brewer. Mrs. Blakely, who also supplied a great deal of the Brewer history, stated that " Lewis Brewer never left his home place in Grayson County to reside elsewhere; that he was very religious and a great influence in the Primitive Baptist Church; that he was well educated and taught school." Many From Here Attend (Wytheville) Among those attending the services Saturday were; Mrs. Stuart B. Campbell Sr., Mrs. Stuart B. Campbell Jr., Mrs. William E. Fulton, Mrs. Jouett Boyd, Mrs. Bernard C. Ward, and Mrs. Joseph B. Repass of Stuart Chapter; Mrs. Richard C. Kincer, Mrs. D. L. Tuggle, Miss Charlie Cassell, Mrs. C. Albert Meyers and Mrs. Walter D. Donlken of Wilderness Road Chapter; Misses Sandra Umberger and Barbara Sumner of Fort Chiswell C. a. R.; Mrs. Lyle W. Blakely of Independence, Missouri; Miss Mary Ann Jennings and W. Pat Jennings Jr., of Marion; Mrs. Okie Jennings Sample of Honaker; Mrs. Emma R. Sullivan of Dilwyn, VA; Ruth B. Slemp of Sugar Grove; Mrs. W. F. Miller, Mrs. Raymond Miller, Mrs. Clemmie Elliot, Rosa Miller, Mr. And Mrs, Blake A. Rhudy, Rev. J. C. Rhudy, H. B. McWalters and Fred Miller all of Elk Creek. W. D. Bohlken of Wytheville; D. C. Cox of Camp; Miss Nettie May Brewer, Mrs. Grover Pollard, Mrs. Ruth Poe, Independence, VA, and Mrs. Martha McWalters of Camp, VA. Research Source June Welsch e-mail I wrote a book on Lewis Brewer ============== Lewis Brewer is on the Mont. Co. militia list. Lewis B. was born in England, 1760, died in Grayson Co., 1839. He was buried in the Rhudy Cemetery at Elk Creek. His Rev. War service also included service in Capt. Bynum's NC militia, 1781. In the Fields text his name is on the list of Pioneer Freeholders Prior to 1800 (p.57). (bio by: June Welsch)

Family links: Spouse: Agatha Holland Brewer (1768 - 1862)

Children: Elizabeth Brewer Cox (1789 - ____)* Juda Brewer Heavington (1790 - ____)* Nancy Brewer Howell (1792 - 1886)* Richard Brewer (1793 - ____)* Aaron Brewer (1794 - 1876)* Lewis Brewer (1795 - ____)* Samuel Brewer (1796 - 1880)* William Brewer (1797 - 1877)* John Brewer (1798 - 1881)* James T. Brewer (1801 - 1888)* Linnear L. Brewer (1803 - 1851)* Abel Brewer (1804 - ____)* Mastin Brewer (1806 - 1903)* Sallie Brewer (1808 - ____)* Rufus Brewer (1810 - 1865)*

*Calculated relationship

Note: Husband of Agatha (Holland) Brewer. His children were: Elizabeth, Juda, Nancy, Richard, Aaron (my ancestor), Lewis Jr., Samuel E., William, John, James, Linear L., Abel, Mastin, Sallie, and Rufus. On 20 July, 1778, at the age of 18, Lewis Brewer e

Burial: Rhudy Brewer Cemetery Grayson County Virginia, USA

Created by: LadyBear Record added: Jul 25, 2005 Find A Grave Memorial# 11423400

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Father: Alva R. BREWER
Mother: Frances PYRON

                   _Thomas BREWER _
 _Alva R. BREWER _|
|                 |_Sarah HICKMAN _
|--Mary BREWER 
|                  _Richard PYRON _
|_Frances PYRON __|
                  |_Zella GROVES __


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Mary Alabama BREWER

Father: John Wesley BREWER
Mother: Malinda POWER

Family 1: George A. DUNCAN
  1. Tandy P. DUNCAN
  2. George Walter DUNCAN
  3. Lenzie Franklin DUNCAN
  4. Alfred Battle DUNCAN
  5. Lucille Edna DUNCAN
  6. Malinda Cordelia DUNCAN
  7. Mary Permelia DUNCAN

                       _William BREWER ____________
 _John Wesley BREWER _|
|                     |_Dorcas Tabitha CHURCHWELL _
|--Mary Alabama BREWER 
|                      _Thomas POWER ______________
|_Malinda POWER ______|
                      |_Martha ? __________________


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