William Dow BOYD

Father: John Henry BOYD
Mother: Rebecca Catherine WOOD

                           _Robert BOYD __________
 _John Henry BOYD ________|
|                         |_Jane Frances BEASLEY _
|--William Dow BOYD 
|                          _Joel T. WOOD _________
|_Rebecca Catherine WOOD _|
                          |_Elizabeth ? __________


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I115: William Frank BOYD (10 JUN 1861 - 20 JUN 1935)

William Frank BOYD

Father: Leroy BOYD
Mother: Susan LOFTIS

Family 1: Misaniah Carrie BREWER
  1. William Rufus BOYD
  2. Eddie L. BOYD
  3. Locky Viola BOYD
  4. Alice Oleva BOYD
  5. Eunice V. BOYD
  6. Peyton Grady BOYD
  7. Freddy Winfield BOYD
  8. Ona Lavada BOYD

                 _Levi BOYD __________
 _Leroy BOYD ___|
|               |_Nancy BREWER _______
|--William Frank BOYD 
|                _Pleasant A. LOFTIS _
|_Susan LOFTIS _|
                |_Eliza RUSSELL ______



1900 TX Van Zandt Co. ED 133 sheet 2
	W. F. Boyd      June 1861 38 m 18     AL AL GA
	  M. C.    wife Mar  1861 39 m 18 7 7 AL AL GA
	  Wm R.     son Sep  1882 17          AL AL AL
	  E. L.     son Nov  1884 15          TX AL AL
	  Locky V.  dau Feb  1886 14          TX AL AL
	  Alice O.  dau Jan  1889 11          TX AL AL
	  Eunice V. dau Apr  1894  6          TX AL AL
	  Peyton G. son Sep  1896  3          TX AL AL
	  Freddy W. son Feb  1900 3/12        TX AL AL
1910 TX Van Zandt Co. ED 116 sheet 1A fam 2
	Frank W. Boyd head 48 m 29     AL AL SC
	  Carrie M.   wife 49 m 29 8 8 AL GA GA
	  Eddie L.    son  25          TX AL AL
	  Eunice V.   dau  15          TX AL AL
	  Grady P.    son  13          TX AL AL
	  Winfield F. son  10          TX AL AL
	  Ora L.      dau   7          TX AL AL
1920 TX Van Zandt Co. Ed 135 sheet 2B fam 31
	W. Frank Boyd head 58 AL AL SC
	  Caroline    wife 58 AL AL AL
	  Freddie W.  son  19 TX AL AL
	  Ora         dau  16 TX AL AL

Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I106: William Harvey BOYD (1867 - yes)

William Harvey BOYD

Father: Robert BOYD
Mother: Sarah D. ?

                _Levi BOYD ____
 _Robert BOYD _|
|              |_Nancy BREWER _
|--William Harvey BOYD 
|               _______________
|_Sarah D. ? __|


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I1491: William Kenneth BOYD (7 JUN 1907 - 13 JUL 1974)

William Kenneth BOYD

Father: Julius Glover BOYD
Mother: Emily Jane BARHAM

                       _William BOYD _______
 _Julius Glover BOYD _|
|                     |_Elizabeth T. HOBBS _
|--William Kenneth BOYD 
|                      _____________________
|_Emily Jane BARHAM __|



1930 NC Cumberland, Manchester Ft Bragg ED 26-26 sheet 14A line 17
Name: 	William K Boyd MW 22 s MS AL MS Soldier US Army

1940 MA Middlesex Ayer Ft Devens ED 9-46 sheet 1A line 2 Household Gender Age Birthplace Res 1935 Occup Corporal Wm K Boyd MW 33 s Ohio Rural NC Auto-Mechanic US Army

United States World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946" Name: William K Boyd Name (Original): BOYD WILLIAM K Event Type: Military Service Event Date: 03 Oct 1945 Term of Enlistment: Enlistment for Hawaiian Department Event Place: Ft Devens, Massachusetts, Race: White Citizenship Status: citizen Birth Year: 1907 Birthplace: MISSISSIPPI Education Level: Grammar school Marital Status: Married Military Rank: Staff Sergeant Army Branch: Ordnance Department Army Component: Regular Army Source Reference: National Guard in Federal Service, within 3 months of Discharge Serial Number: 06366143

U. S. World War II Prisoners of War of the Japanese, 1941-1945" Name: William K Boyd Event Type: Military Service Event Date: 1941-1945 Event Place: Asia Note: Military Rank: Captain Service Number: O&365186 Military Service Branch: Air Corps Parent Military Unit: V Bomber Command Assigned Military Unit: 27th Bombardment Group (Light) Subordinate Military Unit: 2nd Obsn Sqdn Source Reference: NARA World War II POWs database

Alabama, Deaths and Burials Index, 1881-1974 Name: William Kenneth Boyd Birth Date: abt 1907 Death Date: 13 Jul 1974 Death Place: Mobile, Mobile, Alabama Death Age: 67 Marital Status: Married Gender: Male Father Name: Jule G Boyd Mother Name: Emily Barham Spouse Name: Mabel Shea FHL Film Number: 2242116

Social Security Death Index Name: William K. Boyd SSN: 426-54-6341 BORN: 7 Jun 1907 Died: 13 Jul 1974 State (Year) SSN issued: Miss

Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I9459: William N. BOYD (1930 - )

William N. BOYD

Father: Robert Irvin BOYD
Mother: Neva INGRAM

                      _Robert Payne BOYD __
 _Robert Irvin BOYD _|
|                    |_Martha Jane MELTON _
|--William N. BOYD 
|                     _____________________
|_Neva INGRAM _______|


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I172: William O. BOYD (1876 - bef 1900)

William O. BOYD

Father: Elzy L. BOYD
Mother: Mary E. BASS

                 _William BOYD _______
 _Elzy L. BOYD _|
|               |_Elizabeth T. HOBBS _
|--William O. BOYD 
|                _John T. BASS? ______
|_Mary E. BASS _|
                |_Mary ? _____________


Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I31: William Peyton BOYD (26 MAR 1866 - 1938)

William Peyton BOYD

Father: William BOYD
Mother: Elizabeth T. HOBBS

Family 1: Julia Belle KENDRICK
  1. Wesley Grady BOYD
  2. Walter Clyde BOYD
  3. Victor Wilmot BOYD
  4. Henry Kirk BOYD
  5. Jim John BOYD
  6. Luvie Maude BOYD
  7. Archie B. BOYD
  8. Julius C. BOYD
  9. McCullough BOYD

                       _Levi BOYD ________
 _William BOYD _______|
|                     |_Nancy BREWER _____
|--William Peyton BOYD 
|                      _William M. HOBBS _
|_Elizabeth T. HOBBS _|
                      |_Margaret COX _____



1900 MS Lowndes Co. ED 54 sheet 16 line 9 family 299
	Paton Boyd     Mar 1870 30 m 13     AL AL AL
	  Belle   wife Apr 1871 29 m 13 6 4 MS MS MS
	  Gradie  son  Jan 1890 10          AL AL MS
	  Walter  son  Feb 1892  8          AL AL MS
	  Victor  son  Mar 1896  4          AL AL MS
	  Henry   son  Aug 1899  11/12      MS AL MS
1910 MS Lowndes Co. ED 37 sheet 7 line 88 family 144
	William P. Boyd      45 m 20      AL AL AL
	  Julia B.      wife 43 m 20 10 8 MS MS MS
	  Wesley G.     son  19           AL AL MS
	  Walter C.     son  17           AL AL MS
	  Victor W.     son  13           AL AL MS
	  Henry K.      son  11           MS AL MS
	  Jim I.        son   7           MS AL MS
	  Luvie M.      dau   5           MS AL MS
	  Archie B.     son   3           MS AL MS
	  Julius C.     son  7/12         MS AL MS
1920 MS Lowndes Co. ED 35 sheet 16 line 6 family 320
	W. Paton Boyd      52 m  AL AL AL farmer
	  Julia Belle wife 50 m  MS MS MS
	  W. Grady    son  28 s  AL AL MS
	  Walter C.   son  26 m  AL AL MS blacksmith
	  Victor W.   son  22 s  AL AL MS
	  Henry K.    son  20 s  MS AL MS
	  Jim I.      son  17 s  MS AL MS
	  Luvie       dau  14 s  MS AL MS
	  Archie B.   son  12 s  MS AL MS
	  McCullough  son   9 s  MS AL MS
	  Annie Lee d-in-L 25 m  MS MS MS
	  Wesley D. Gr son 11/12 MS MS MS
1930 MS Lowndes Beat 2 ED 13 sheet 22B fam 551
NARA Publication: 	T626, roll 1157
Image Number: 	00352
	Household	Gender	Age
William P Boyd   head WM 	63 m AL US US
Julia B Boyd   wife WF 	62 m MS MS MS
Victor W Boyd  son  WM 	26 s MS AL MS
Archa B Boyd   son  WM 	21 s MS AL MS

Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I100: William Riley BOYD (17 NOV 1872 - 17 FEB 1954)

William Riley BOYD

Father: Wiley Harvey BOYD
Mother: Ann Elizabeth MCINTYRE

Family 1: Daisie Anne HARRINGTON
  1. Otis Gray BOYD
  2. Annie Gladys BOYD
  3. Josie Wilma BOYD
  4. Audrey Leona BOYD
  5. Mary Evelyn BOYD
  6. Susan Riley BOYD
  7. William Riley BOYD

                           _Levi BOYD _____
 _Wiley Harvey BOYD ______|
|                         |_Nancy BREWER __
|--William Riley BOYD 
|                          _John MCINTYRE _
|_Ann Elizabeth MCINTYRE _|
                          |_Elizabeth ? ___



1900 MS Chickasaw Co. Sparta Precinct ED 72 sheet 3 fam 43
	Will R. Boyd boarder Nov 1872 24 s AL AL AL

1910 MS Chickasaw Co. Beat 5 ED 50 sheet 9B fam 121 Wm R. Boyd head m w 37 m 10 AL AL AL Daisie A. wife f w 27 m 10 3 3 MS MS AL Ottice G son m w 8 s MS MS MS Annie G dau f w 5 s MS MS MS Josie W. dau f w 3 s TX MS MS Will Smith servant m m 16 s MS MS MS 1920 MS Tallahatchie Co. ED 78 sheet 4B fam 13 W. R. Boyd head 47 MS AL AL house carpenter Daisey wife 37 MS AL AL Otis son 18 MS MS MS electrician Saw Mill Gladys dau 15 MS MS MS Josie dau 12 TX MS MS Audrey dau 9 MS MS MS Mary dau 7 MS MS MS Susan dau 5 MS MS MS William son 2 1/2 MS MS MS 1930 TX Jackson Edna ED 120-1 sheet 10A fam 264 William R. Boyd head mw 57 m 28 AL AL AL Mgr Hotel Daisy E. wife fw 47 m 18 MS AL AL asst mgr Hotel Audrey L. dau fw 19 s MS AL MS Mary E. dau fw 18 s MS AL MS Sue R. dau fw 15 s MS AL MS William R. son mw 13 s MS AL MS

Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I2185: William Riley BOYD (24 FEB 1917 - )

William Riley BOYD

Father: William Riley BOYD
Mother: Daisie Anne HARRINGTON

                           _Wiley Harvey BOYD ______
 _William Riley BOYD _____|
|                         |_Ann Elizabeth MCINTYRE _
|--William Riley BOYD 
|                          _Levi HARRINGTON ________
|_Daisie Anne HARRINGTON _|
                          |_Josephine DOBBS ________



"Texas, Birth Index, 1903-1997"
Name: 	Yancy Barton Boyd
Event Type: 	Birth
Event Date: 	25 Jul 1947
Event Place: 	Cherokee, Texas
Gender: 	Female
Father's Name: 	William Riley Boyd
Mother's Name: 	Tom Mays Barton

"United States Public Records Index" Name: William R Boyd Residence Date: 01 Jan 1991 Residence Place: Longview, Texas Birth Date: Phone Number: (903) 663-3768 Phone Number Recd Date: 01 Jan 1991 Address: 132A PO Box Address Contd: Longview, Texas 75606 Address Date: 01 Jan 1991 Possible Relatives: Record Number: 39862676

Name: William R Boyd Residence Date: Jan 1990-01 Jan 1998 Residence Place: San Antonio, Texas Address: 2414 Babcock Rd Ste 102 Address: San Antonio, Texas 78229 Address Date: Jan 1990-01 Jan 1998 Record Number: 73640821

Name: W Boyd Titles and Terms (Original): Also Known As: Bill R Boyd 2nd AKA Name: W R Boyd 3rd AKA Name: William R Boyd Residence Date: 15 Nov 2007 Residence Place: Center, Texas Birth Date: 24 Feb 1917 Phone Number: (409) 598-4603 Phone Number Recd Date: 6 Aug 2008 Address: 703 Pine Ter Address Contd: Center, Texas 75935 Address Date: 15 Nov 2007 2nd Address: 1986 PO Box 2nd Address: Center, Texas 75935 2nd Address Date: 1995-29 Mar 2005 3rd Address: 786 PO Box 3rd Address: Center, Texas 75935 3rd Address Date: 1993-13 Jul 2001 Possible Relatives: Shelby Corpora- tion Boyd, Tim Barton Boyd Record Number: 41549452

Find A Grave: William Riley "WR / Bill" Boyd Birth: Feb. 24, 1917 Mississippi Death: Jun 1, 2013 Center Shelby TX

Funeral for William Riley "W.R. Bill" Boyd, 96, will be at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 6, 2013, at First United Methodist Church in Center with the Rev. Joel McMahon officiating. A private family burial will follow at Cushing Community Cemetery.

Mr. Boyd died Saturday, June 1, 2013. He was born Feb. 24, 1917, in Houston, MS

Watson and Sons Funeral Home.

Publishd Jun 6, 2013 The Daily Sentinel *********************************

Bill was born February 24, 1917 in Houston, Mississippi. He attended 13 schools throughout Texas and Mississippi before graduating from Houston (Miss.) High School in 1934. In May of 1937, Bill returned to Houston, Mississippi where the Corsicana- based contracting firm of E.W. Hable and Sons provided him with an invaluable apprenticeship in the construction of roads and highways. On June 28, 1942 he married Tim Barton in Cushing, Texas and in 1945 W.R. Boyd, Inc. was organized with Bill being the President and controlling stockholder. A short two years later, the corporation qualified as a prime contractor under the exacting standards of the Texas Highway Department and by 1967 Bill was the sole stockholder in the company.

After 24 years in construction, W.R. Boyd was elected president of the Texas Highway -Heavy Branch of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) in 1969. This organization represents the highway and heavy contractors of Texas and at this time was one of the five largest contractor associations in the United States. At that time, approximately 95% of the highway construction in Texas is performed by this group of contractors. This achievement would go down as the pinnacle of a 73 year career.

Other professional achievements include, AGC National Life Director and Chairman of Joint State Department of Highways, and Public Transportation Committee. State Committee Chairs included Environmental/Quality Control, Nominating, and Public Affairs. He was appointed by the Bureau of International Commerce and Road Builders' Assoc. to a Trade Mission to Central America. He represented Texas Hot Mix Association on the National Board of Governors. He served as president of both the Texas Good Roads Transportation Association and Texas Asphalt Paving Association.

W.R. Boyd was a member of the East Texas Chamber of Commerce and the Center Chamber of Commerce. A Shriner, he was a charter member of Sharon Temple, Tyler. He was also a member of the First United Methodist Church of Center and past member of the Board. Hobbies included fishing, hunting, golf, flying and collecting antique automobiles. Bill was a "Southern Gentlemen" and gracious host to all, a true celebrant of life who lived every day with passion.

Bill is survived by the love of his life, wife of 70 years, Tim Boyd; one daughter and son-in-law, Yancy and George Bradford; two grand-children, Phoebe and her husband, William Carl Moore, Jr., Michael Graydon Fleming, Jr. and his wife, Jana; five great-grandchildren, Graydon Elizabeth Moore, Watson Riley Fleming, Davis Boyd Fleming, Riley Kathryn Moore, Hughes Michael Fleming; beloved nieces and nephews.

Funeral service will be held at 1:00 p.m., Thursday, June 6, 2013 at First United Methodist Church in Center with Rev. Joel McMahon officiating. A private family burial will be held at Cushing Community Cemetery in Cushing.

Watson & Sons Funeral Home in Center.

* obit edited

Burial: Cushing Cemetery Cushing Nacogdoches County Texas, USA

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Created by GED2HTML v2.4a-UNREGISTERED (1/1/96) on Tue May 15 14:56:15 2018 I207: William Rufus BOYD (25 SEP 1881 - 21 MAY 1921)

William Rufus BOYD

Father: William Frank BOYD
Mother: Misaniah Carrie BREWER

Family 1: Lillie Alveda MANNON
  1. Earley Rufus BOYD
  2. Lee Patie BOYD
  3. Etta L. BOYD
  4. Hillery Lewis BOYD
  5. Florence BOYD
  6. Roy C. BOYD
  7. Troy D. BOYD
  8. Geneva BOYD
  9. Opal Ione BOYD
  10. Willie BOYD

                           _Leroy BOYD __________
 _William Frank BOYD _____|
|                         |_Susan LOFTIS ________
|--William Rufus BOYD 
|                          _Peyton Grady BREWER _
|_Misaniah Carrie BREWER _|
                          |_Keziah A. TAPLEY ____



1910 TX Van Zandt Co. ED 116 sheet 5B fam 87
	Willie R. Boyd head 26 m 5     AL AL AL
	  Lilly        wife 26 m 5 3 3 AL TX US
	  Earley       son   4         TX AL AL
	  Lee          son   3         TX AL AL
	  Etter        dau  4/12       TX AL AL
1920 TX Van Zandt Co. ED 135 sheet 2BB fam 33
	Willie R. Boyd head 37 m       AL AL AL
	  Lillie E.    wife 37 m       MS US US
	  Earley       son  14         TX AL MS
	  Lee          son  12         TX AL MS
	  Etta L.      dau  11         TX AL MS
	  Hillery      son  9 1/12     TX AL MS
	  Florence     dau  7 7/12     TX AL MS
	  Roy          son  5 7/12     TX AL MS
	  Troy         son  5 7/12     TX AL MS
	  Geneva       dau  3 3/12     TX AL MS
	  Opal         dau  1 8/12     TX AL MS
1930 TX Wilbarger Prec 5 ED 11 sheet 1B fam 19
NARA Publication: 	T626, roll 2410
Image Number: 	01027
	Household	Gender	Age
Lilly A Boyd      head WF 	46 wd MS AL AL
Lee Boyd        son  WM 	23 s TX MS MS
Etta Boyd 	dau  WF 	21 s TX MS MS
Hilliry Boyd 	son  WM 	18 s TX MS MS
Florine Boyd 	dau  WF 	17 s TX MS MS
Roy Boyd 	      son  WM 	15 s TX MS MS
Troy Boyd 	son  WM 	15 s TX MS MS
Geneva Boyd 	dau  WF 	13 s TX MS MS
Willie Boyd 	dau  WF 	 9 s TX MS MS

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